About Us


Anyone who loves eggs in the morning understands that like the creation of new ideas, everything begins with losing the fear of cracking and breaking through something; be it an egg shell or the status quo.

Welcome to the Omelette, the lightly fried, heavily seasoned, and absolutely stuffed serving of culture, commentary, and community. We are a blog dedicated to providing our readers with a ground level view of what it’s like to grow up in a big city and the experiences and emotions that make us all unique and still connected.

This big city in question is none other than Toronto. Like an omelette, Toronto’s flavours and taste is defined by the mix you choose depending on where you find yourself on a given day. With people hailing from all over the world in this tightly packed city, the fusion and confusion of culture, heritage, and aesthetic make for this city to be one of the most vibrant in the world.

While the city does have a huge impact on our lives, the Omelette is about growth and shedding a light on diverse perspectives on things going on locally and globally. It’s hard to say exactly what kind of blog we are, the same way that it’s hard to really pick one omelette to satisfy everyone’s breakfast palette. Needless to say, this is as much an experiment for us in writing as it will be for you all reading it.

Our Promise to the Reader

Our goal is to expose the niche and deconstruct the mainstream. We’d like to address the pop in culture and beast in hype. A free-thinking mind is a valuable mind and we want to recognize valued minds whose goal it is to push the envelope in a real way. We promise something new, and we promise to be honest in our writing. We guarantee lots of mistakes but we know that together the relationship between writer and reader will be that of the hot skillet and freshly cracked egg as together, let’s fry up a new tomorrow.