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Enjoying Cannabis Minus the Stigma with Alair Vaporizers

Canada is on track to legalize Cannabis for October 2018, but are people socially and culturally ready for this?

From the plant being used in ancient times as a form of usable material, a healing medicine, and a means of seeking some enlightenment, Cannabis has an incredibly rich history that goes beyond the Reefer Madness and War on Drugs that any mainstream news station gets a hard-on from focusing on.

So what?!

Fast-forward to now and we have giant industries being built off the farming, sales, and research of Cannabis. This includes the herb itself but also the tourism, culinary, and medical industries that will grow and change with the legalization of this substance, just to name a few.

Regardless of all of this radical change, one thing remains….

There’s still some stigma around smoking good ting.

The smell, taboo culture, and of course legal risks of getting lifted still intimidate a lot of folks, and it sucks because this stops real social progress.

Alair is a growing company that has been creating Cannabis oil vaporizers aimed towards making your session more convenient, discreet, and healthy.

cannabis alair vaporizer kush marijuana toronto vape life health fitness motivation music art culture canada usa america healthy personal mental

Basically they take a ton of herb, extract the juicy good stuff using Carbon Dioxide to keep things clean, and package it in sleek pens smaller than….well, a real pen!

Now we’re not funded or paid by them to endorse their products, and we definitely know that sometimes the Backwoods, the Bongs, and the papers, can rarely be replaced.

But regardless of whether you enjoy God’s plant (see what I did there Drake?), or hate the sight and smell of it entirely, it may be worth your while to check out how people can Enjoy Cannabis Minus the Stigma with Alair Vaporizers.

It’s a Healthier Method to Get to Cloud 9

When you burn cannabis as a flower or herb, the tar and chemicals from that process can be pretty unhealthy for your lungs, throat, and heart. Vaporizing weed does reduce and sometimes remove the risk of cancer-causing chemicals or “carcinogens”, but sometimes people complain that they enjoy the vaporizer high.

The Alair provides incredibly smooth and never-cough tokes full of clean oil vapor that is as fun and potent as it is clean and healthier than the spit filled blunt, your boy told you he knew how to roll.

Dank Aromas Stay in Your Lungs, Not the Living Room

Part of the issue with enjoying your meds is that the smell immediately puts a rather stinky spotlight on you. From movie theaters, to nightclubs, to public parks, the Alair causes little to no smell with a ton of flavour.

With strains ranging in potency and flavour profile, it’s surprising that the pen leaves no smell and the smoke disappears fairly quickly. Whether you’re trying to get lifted before an exam in your college dorm or don’t need the kids asking tough questions, the Alair is as smell free as you can get from a device. Even the PAX, one of the best dry-herb vaporizers, still emits a burnt popcorn smell from the vapor and the device itself! Take notes.

cannabis alair vaporizer kush marijuana toronto vape life health fitness motivation music art culture canada usa america healthy personal mental

Sleek and Sophisticated Design is Discreet

The device is tiny. With a sleek gold top, and thin design, the Alair looks incredibly fancy which definitely takes suspicious looks and replaces them with stares of interest as to what kind of bougie weaponry is this!
Refills for cartridges come in these dope gold capsules and they screw on and off with ease over the USB-chargeable battery.

With a small, sleek, and sophisticated design, the Alair is as classy as it is discreet and it certainly takes sessions from the alley way to the lounge in a few quick pulls.

cannabis alair vaporizer kush marijuana toronto vape life health fitness motivation music art culture canada usa america healthy personal mental

It’s Incredibly Easy to Use so No More Bong Fails

Now the thing about oil pens is that you can finish a cartridge in as little as day, or as long as month. With about 120-150 pulls per cartridge, the trick is in how you inhale from the Alair.

Taking one to three draws of the Alair can definitely get you nice and medicated, as long as you follow these three steps:

  1. Pull for a few seconds slowly to maximize heat in the device

  2. Really fill in your whole diaphragm and force that vapor deep into your lungs. It’s not smoke so it’s not thick enough to just naturally choke you up, so really inhale and get that good stuff deep in your chest.

  3. Hold it in!!!!! Hold in the toke as long as possible and exhale slowly. Wait a few moments between pulls and give yourself a minute or so for effects to kick in. Because they definitely will.

No more blow torches, L-papers, filter tips, homie giving you a shield for the lighter, stale cigars, dirty bong water, and uneven joints. The Alair is the simplest and most effective means of getting lifted…I mean damn there’s not even an on or off button; just inhale!!

The plant is finally here to stay. Whether you love it or hate it, the suits, the elite, and the corporate world have finally figure out how to monetize this plant and so get ready for the gold-rush (or kush-rush) to come.

Alair is ahead of the curve with their awareness for the professional user who wants to be defined by the work they do rather than what they use to get through the day.

Cannabis is a plant like any other and the generation of innovating its uses is really only now getting started. By addressing social stigma, hopefully we can change the perception of this plant beyond just the laws.

If you’re in Toronto, peep the folks at 1066 Dundas and talk to them about these dope pens. They’re super friendly and helpful, and to be honest, this is the future!

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