20 Things I Wish Someone Told Me When I Graduated High School

School’s out for Summer!

The end of June usually means that my fellow 9 to 5ers are now accompanied by a bunch of hyper summer holiday-ready teenagers on their morning commute to work.

I remember (and cringe about) moments from my final year of high school to this day, and nostalgia usually comes crashing in when I see a bunch of pimple-face teens getting ready for prom.

Moving from high school to adulthood usually is a rushed, uncomfortable, and scary journey as kids struggle to become adults, experimenting and adventuring with God only knows what, hoping that this is what it means to be a grown up. It’s a desperate race to become “grown” from the first legal purchase at the LCBO, to getting into the club with your actual I.D, to struggling to manage a full college class-load while staring at honeys in the student-center!

Now while everyone’s path is vastly different, one of the most common feelings these young kings and queens all feel during this stage of life is … isolation.

Yup, disregard the likes on a pic and the numerous homies with bottles in the booth.

It’s very easy to feel like you are on your own path that no one else can understand and that your pain is yours to hold on your own. You become alienated in your own confusion about the world and sudden lack of stability. Haha, I guess that’s part of growing up!

So it got us thinking at the Omelette, about our many hilarious slip-ups in younger years, and so we decided to compile 20 Things I Wish Someone Told Me When I Graduated High School.

1) “Your metabolism is literally gonna disappear. Please just get that gym membership now!”

2) “This degree is completely useless and you’re still going to need to keep your job at Dollarama.”

3) “Food is expensive…I repeat, food is Fu%&ing expensive!”

4) “You might as well sell your PS3 now because the time to play videogames miraculously disappears.”

5) “That one joint that got the whole crew stoned, will now barely get through the first rotation.”

6) “She isn’t in the booth for your conversation; it’s the Hennessy sitting in the bucket on ice.”

7) “If you haven’t figured out procrastination as of yet, it’s not changing now. Deal with it fam.”

8) “One shot of liquor is proportionate to one pint of beer, or one glass of wine. Please write that down!”

9) “It’s okay to demand a split-bill on a date, believe me it is.”

10) “Start dumping cash into an RRSP, it’s gonna hook you up on taxes down the line and yo, TFSA stands for Tax-Free Savings Account!”

11) “The ‘in-crowd’ is not worth your time and unconditional love.”

12) “If you’re gonna get a tattoo, save the design and wait a year. If you still want it after that, then get it.”

13) “When you see free condoms and tampons at the student-center, fill your bag! No shame in the game.”

14) “You don’t need to spill the whole bottle of cologne or perfume on yourself, two sprays are just fine.”

15) “Reading books can actually be fun outside of school and that much-hated English class.”

16) “I am begging you not to buy a car with your OSAP or that new Supreme vest.”

17) “Caffeine is crack.”

18) “Beware of existential depression becoming the biggest stick in your a$$.”

19) “You’re not here to impress others – you’re here to challenge yourself.”

20) “Love is a man-made concept that’s based on hormonal urges, animal lust, and social conditioning from media and pop-culture to get you to buy in to a market and lifestyle fueled by emotions more than logic….whew!”

In all seriousness, life is so ironic because we spend all of it figuring it out versus focusing on personal enjoyment. Growth and change is inevitable and sometimes you need to remember what you can and cannot control. When your omelette breaks in the pan, the eggs are definitely scrambled but they definitely taste just as good.

Talk soon and huge congrats to my 2018 grads!

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