Where Did Everybody Go?

It was a pain to even begin to write this piece.

Where the hell have we been?

Countless talks, toasts, and promises made about keeping this blog going and not letting it falter like every overly-ambitious commitment we found ourselves making since high school, had suddenly all but crumbled once again.

The short answer is we had been busy. The longer answer is that we had thought this plan out a hundred steps, but we definitely needed at least a thousand more to get it off the runway.

Amid adventures in remote parts of the world, working late hours, planning weddings, figuring out several definitions of the meaning of life, and desperately trying to fight severe shopping addictions, we found the Omelette was being left on the pan for too long without anyone to flip it.

I’ve long struggled with chronic procrastination, and I’m not sure when it started but it’s gotten progressively worse over time. From school assignments to job tasks, I find myself delaying things until the last minute where I have no choice but to get it done with red eyes, plenty of Red Bull, and a commitment not to sleep.

It probably stems from a subconscious urge to avoid failure, a fear of being exposed, and a prematurely defeatist attitude that leads to staring at a blank Word document and getting lost in Youtube.

Regardless, collectively we are back with a much more deliberate sense of urgency than before.

Over the past little bit, we’ve really had an existential struggle about who we are, what did we want to become, and what we expect of this year.

With Toronto exploding the way that it is, millennials are in this really crazy position of being able to influence culture in either a really dynamic and innovative way, or in a manner that allows for self-preservation and the ability to simply ride the wave. We run the serious risk of becoming a poor imitation of a better experience, if we really aren’t trying to do something different.

The bottom line is that we cannot be a blogTO, a Toronto Life, or a Narcity. The scope, power, and raw coolness of these teams is something three debt-hiding nobodies from Scarborough can’t really F#@k with just yet.

…Ambition aside, we’re also conscious of the fact that our interests and passions are consistently changing as are those of the people around us and rather than be disingenuous to what we like by focusing purely on public demand, we’re hoping that we can carry this blog a little bit more off the backs of our own eccentric tastes.

What I’m trying to say without so much arrogance is that, we want to have a shot at calling culture.

We realised that our true value will come from living life to the fullest degree possible and making snapshots of these memories will be the most organic way of seasoning our Omelette.

So what does all this philosophical B.S mean?

It basically means that we need to try harder, to live more colourful lives. That means trying out new things even if we don’t want to. It means not becoming a hype beast taking dad-hat selfies or hanging out at Fring’s waiting for a record deal.

We pledge to try our best to preserve our uniqueness and weirdness while still valuing your needs…needs that require a lot more attention and a lot less procrastination.

The question remains if this apology is genuine or a last-minute attempt at avoiding other overdue work…

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