How to Stay Creative When “All the Good Ideas Are Gone”

With the information age filling our brains with so much data on the world, people can’t help but feel dissatisfied with the mundane reality given to them.

People, now more than ever, want to be their own boss. The ultimate freedom and control that comes with being a boss is intoxicating to say the least and many people are using social media, the internet, and their existential irritations to become moguls rather than employees.

To do that, they need a fearless attitude, but most importantly, a creative idea to create a business, brand, or project around.

Coming up with these ideas can be very tough. With the ability to find information in a matter of seconds, it’s really easy to get discouraged by your idea already being used in some form, somewhere around the world. An idea you felt incredibly proud of creating is shot down in a matter of seconds depending on the WiFi signal on your phone. Regardless, it begs the question, “are all of the good ideas gone?”

We’ve heard it before from frustrated self-starters and angered entrepreneurs, but perhaps this is an important part of becoming your own boss. Facing the crowd when the podium was not made just for you can be an uncomfortable position, but a lot can be done to get rid of these negative thoughts.

So here’s 5 ways to stay motivated, creative, and excited to pump out new ideas to be a boss, when you feel like all of the good ideas are already gone.

1) Explore Yourself Before Your Surroundings

With everyone stuck on social media, it’s easy to become obsessed with yourself. Narcissism is the new epidemic today. Once you choose to take the lens of observation away from yourself and choose to find value in what’s around you, your ideas will be less self-serving and more relevant to the environment and community needs around you. In short creativity is useless if it lacks contextual purpose.

2) Wash Away the Ego

Building off Tip #1, Narcissism is the new epidemic today. The fear of failure, frustration and embarrassment of ideas getting shot down, or the self-serving ideals of success, often cloud the ability to really be imaginative and innovative. Removing the ego helps to get rid of anxieties that come with being wildly creative and trying new things without checking to see whose watching you.

3) Tilt Your Reality Upside Down

When you begin to feel consistently let down about your one-of-a-kind ideas being duplicates and late repeats of someone else’s ideas in some random spot around the world, it can build bitterness and saltyness about the game. Fu#% all that noise. Deconstruct the reality you live in and focus on breaking down the conventions and norms that everyone else assumes as status quo. Simply, when you’re hitting dead ends, focus on destroying the entire sandbox rather than making a creative sand castle.

4) Build An Addiction to Fear

Often times you DID come up with a good idea, but you’re too focused on self-sabotaging, downplaying, and safe-guarding yourself. Out of a pure fear in putting yourself out there and being intellectually “naked” in front of everyone, often people will take any sort of similarity or failed project they find similarity in as a red flag to drop their idea. Fear should be a sign that you’re in uncharted territory and to keep going because this is exactly where you want to be!

5) Forget About Chronology

At the end of the day, does it really matter who did it first? It probably doesn’t hurt to give props where credit is due to the forefathers of your craft, but just because the trail was made, doesn’t mean it can’t be walked on again. Just because something was thought of before, doesn’t mean that YOU can’t make it better. Innovation is infinite as long as you trust in the notion that ___________ can in some sort of way be just a little bit better.

We at The Omelette know that we aren’t the first to do what we’re doing. But we know that we have something cool to bring to the game. We believe in our ability to contribute in some way and more importantly we know that you have the ability to contribute to the game in a big way too. Believe in your potential, because your omelette is ready to leave the pan NOW!


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