20 Thoughts That Pass Your Mind On The TTC

Hate it or Love it, if you’re from Toronto, chances are you’ve used it at least once.

The TTC is Toronto’s artery and feeding tube through the city, shuttling people across borough to borough. Sometimes it’s on time, and a lot of the time it’s late, but personality is one thing the TTC is never lacking.

Whether it’s trips to school, your second job, first date, or trying to get home after a few too many cold beverages; the blue light, red and white colourway, and disturbingly seductive robotic notification voice illustrates the legacy of the TTC.

Whether your ride is 10 minutes or 2 hours, we’re sure you’ve had some of the thoughts listed below flash past your sleepy brains in the thick of rush hour.

So here are 20 thoughts that pass your mind while riding the TTC:

1) “Shuttle Buses today?…Guess I’m calling in sick”

2) “Gonna have to make one of those ‘slide-through-the-bruk-Presto-pass-door’ movements”

3) “It’s a Human Centipede movie of Out of Service Buses”

4) “Let me fall asleep to the slow sliding of this half-full Tim’s cup across the floor of the train”

5) “If I fold this transfer, I should be good for another ride right?”

6) “Lord hold me back from tossing these damn portable shopping carts off this bus IDGAF!”

7) “Phone service from Broadview to Castle Frank; let me see if this Tinder Honey has already flopped”

8) “Why are there so many ads for massage schools on this train?”

9) “How many diseases did I just catch at the Kennedy Station bathroom?”

10) “There’s something suspiciously stiff about the fabric of this seat”

11) “Let me turn off my music but keep my headphones in my ear so I can hear this World Star Hip-Hop video about to go down beside me”

12) “The effort they put into this Metropass artwork just adds to the depression I feel when spending God knows how much on these pieces of plastic every month”

13) “Why does everyone on the train has half empty pop-bottles of brown water on Friday and Saturday nights?”

14) “Is this cutie eyeing me or the sign behind my head…?”

15) “No, I’m not going to look at you. Yes my bag is on this seat beside me. Yes, you’re looking for a seat. Yes, please keep looking”

16) “How many more minutes will I wait at this stop before Uber magically confirms a ride from my phone?”

17) “What the flying F#$% is a fire at track level”

18) “Forgot my headphones. Now I shall die”

19) “Will there be a day where I can hear myself think, while riding the Scarborough RT?”

20) “I need a car”

 What do you think about when you’re riding on the TTC?

Let us know and enjoy your ride next time!

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