New Year’s Resolutions for 2018 … How Do You Make Them Last?!

Still writing 2017 on all of your paperwork? Join the club.

New Years Eve is arguably the most popularly celebrated holiday of the year.

We ring in the new year with everything from fireworks to sparklers, from champagne flutes to sloppy shots of tequila!

Washing away the year that was and creating ambitious goals for the future, we band together and push forward hoping for the best and preparing for the worst.

It’s no wonder that gyms are packed on the first of January, and that agendas and calendars fly off the shelves in the new year. The fact of the matter is that we can’t help but want to grow and improve when we see others are doing the same. The question remains though, how long does a resolution really last and how can you stick to it?

The Omelette has kicked off in a weird way. We’re an odd crew of young professionals blindly trying to make it in a big cold city that is unforgiving but still tantalizing with opportunity. Moving into 2018, we knew that launching our blog in January would force us to align personal resolutions with this blog because this was our way of saying F**K YOU to the corporate ladders that never end and all the hot air filling up our empty wallets.

So, in keeping up with this narcissistic and incredibly impractical tradition, here’s a few of The Omelette’s New Years Resolutions. We hope they will prevail longer than the kale smoothie diet you just started yesterday…

1) Deliver Quality Content

As a new blog, it is really tempting to talk about whatever people want to read instead of what we happen to be naturally interested in. Swimming up to our ears in SEO rules and Google Ad-words, we became overwhelmed with how many crazy rules there are to creating a blog that people will actually read.

Whatever happened to the idea of creating material for like-minded interests, prioritizing honest content, and hoping for the best? Regardless, we are committing to making sure our content is original, odd, and some sort of new contribution to ongoing water-cooler conversations.

2) Avoid the Curse of the Socialite-Elite

The simple fact is that when you live in any big city and want to comment on pop-culture, media, and all things modern, you run into the Feng-Shui decorated wall of superficial, pretentious, and self-absorbed taste-maker personalities who believe their word is gospel and that their eyes are the most enlightened.

Seeing Toronto grow into a Canadian California has definitely led to the growth of this sub-group of people who have a lot of pull in blogs and media, and while you need to swim with the sharks if you want the top prey, we pledge to avoid being victim to the underlying curse of becoming too concerned with our own voice and views to not recognize new niche and unpopular ideas.

3) Fight the Good Fight Against Chronic Procrastination

At some point in time, there needs to be a legitimate marathon of awareness for procrastination victims. We suffer long nights of staring at the Netflix homepage, blank Word documents, and the consistent delay of Windows updates among other horrors.

Keeping up a blog that relies on being current, topical, and timely is hard when you can barely take care of day-to-day needs at home or on the job. While we at The Omelette are still attempting to crack the code of how to make the most of our day, become machine-like workers who devour self-help books and motivation memes, and actually use a whiteboard for the right reasons… we’ll continue to chronicle our battle with procrastination as this blog is a true test of putting in effort and work everyday for a long-term benefit.

What are some of your New Years resolutions? How do you achieve them? Do you have a hard time doing so? Comment below and we wish you a happy and successful 2018.

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